Due Week 6

… in a computer age the database comes to function as a cultural form in it’s own right. It offers a particular model of the world and of the human experience.

— Lev Manovich, The Language of New Media

Build a collection of media objects with the theme you chose. Create an interface to navigate through and create groups within your archive. What are the different ways you may organize the content? How may the structure of your collection reflect or alter the meaning communicated?


Your collection should include at least 20 media objects. These objects may consist of original or sourced content. Sourced content must be attributed accordingly. Your collection must contain a minimum of four schema for organizing content, with each schema containing multiple navigation methods.

ex: Within a collection of Tools, you may choose to group the collection by their handles (schema). Within that schema you may group the collection of by tools with the following methods, view red handles, view blue handles, view orange handles, etc…

Part 1: Research

Due Tuesday, Feb 7

Collect at least 5 examples of media objects that represent potential items for your colleciton. Make a list of the characteristics that define objects within the collection. Build a brief 1920 x 1080 slide presentation containing a proposal outlining your direction for the project. Your presentation should contain the following:

  • A succint statement describing the subject matter of your choosing, and what theme(s) you intend to explore.
  • The examples of media objects representing potential items for your colleciton.
  • Potential methods in which you may organize the content.

Part 2: Design

Due Thursday, Feb 23

Collect the rest of the media for your website. Create 1 to 3 low-fidelity variations of your archive. Focus on layout, user flow and the mechanics of the page. You should have a minimum of four schema for organizing, navigating, grouping, filtering, or sorting that you would like to focus on.

After presenting your idea to the class you should have a winning direction, which you would then develop to higher fidelity, before moving to code.

Part 3: Development

Due Friday, Mar 3

Using your design as a reference, build your collection using HTML and CSS! The structure of your collection should be as follows:

| index.html
| a_collection /
|--- index.html
|--- 01_some-grouping.html
|--- 02_another-grouping.html
|--- 03_some-other-grouping.html
|--- assets/
|--- --- media/
|--- --- css/
|--- --- js/
| studio/
| lab/


Think about how design of the site can support the communication of an ideal. Is your position unique? Is it interesting? Is the navigation immediately appararent, utilitarian? Is it expressive? Is it beautiful?


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