Write, design and build a blog that covers the topic you explored during the course. It needs to contain a minimum of 8 posts, and an about section.

The homepage of your site will have an excerpt of each post, with or without an image, and will link to individual post pages. You will also need to link to your about section.

You will need to create at least 2 templates (page, post), with the opportunity to develop further templates for individual posts.

Each post needs to include a title, body (minimum of 300 words), at least one image and a social media footer (Facebook like, Twitter share et al). Bonus points for cross-post navigation.

All pages need to have consistent navigation.

  • Homepage
    • 8 posts (excerpt)
      • heading
      • media (at least one image)
      • body (> 300 words)
      • cross post navigation
      • sharing
    • about
      • about you
      • about this blog
      • contact

Important considerations:

  • Your website will need to be responsive for a phone and tablet screen size.

  • Make sure to add an interactive element to your site that communicates with your subject matter

  • Think about the structure, design, and behaviour of your site. It should directly relate to, and help contextualize the content presented.