The Keydown Event Listener

The Keydown event is fired every time a letter on the keyboard is pressed. Use it like this:

document.addEventListener('keydown', function() {
	// some code here

Key Codes

Every key on the keyboard has an associated value.
See a complete list of the values here

Objects in JS

Javascript allow us to associate properties and methods to a objects. the syntax is as follows:

var objectName = { key: value }

Like arrays, it can contain strings, numbers, and booleans:

 var car = {
	color: 'blue',
	seats: 2,
	convertable: true

It can also contain functions (called methods), as well as nested objects:

var car = {
	start: function() { console.log("VROOOOMMMM") }
	owner: {
		name: 'Calvin',
		age: 50,

You can access properties in an object 2 ways. With bracket notation…

console.log( car['color'] );
// blue

console.log( car['start'] );
// function() { console.log("VROOOOMMMM") } 

Or dot notation…

console.log( car.color );
// blue



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